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Just be gentle

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1Just be gentle Empty Just be gentle 9th December 2019, 16:40

Ariel Buttercup

Ariel Buttercup

River was sitting in her tree house, doing her homework. She actually had tried school for a semester but… well that didn’t work out. She went back to being homeschooled before Christmas. River looked at her scrapbook of the last two years. River had starting making scrapbooks a long time ago wanting to make sure she remembered everything in case something would happen to the people she loved most. She didn’t want to forget a single moment.

“Riri? May I come up?” Xavier called from below, he would never just walk into her tree house. River quickly put the scrapbooks away before she called down.

“Yes. Hey.” River smiled shy. It was a warm day and Xavier was wearing shorts and a polo shirts. He was actively playing water polo and it clearly showed.

Xavier smiled and kissed her. “Are you alright?”

“Can I ask you something?” River whispered, she was not always shy very often she was loud and demanding and then something happened that made her wonder if it was all real. In the end she was still socially awkward, when she was five she was diagnosed with mild autism. Sure she was highly functioning but she was lacking social skills or very often misunderstood emotions of others and her own. But she was managing, learning cues of social interactions.
“Of course, are you alright? You smell nice.” Xavier was always good in small nice compliments. River wasn’t sure what to say to any one them.

“Do you never go to school and think one of those proper preppy girls would be a better girlfriend? I mean look at you.” River didn’t look up she felt stupid for asking him, Xavier never gave her the feeling she was not enough in the past two years he was a very attentive and caring boyfriend. He gave her time and never pressured her into anything.

Xavier lifted her head gentle and looked on those brown eyes. “I am not going to lie, there are plenty of girls that do want to date me but I am making very clear that I am not interested and that I have an amazing girlfriend that is way too smart for school. And she is really pretty, like really pretty.”


“What I am not telling them that she can read minds so there is no way that I could every lie to her.” He said with a smile.

“I would never poke around in your head, ever! And you know that Mom and I used a spell that dampened my powers to nearly nothing. I get the odd vision but at the moment I cannot read minds.”

“I know I told you, you didn’t need to do that.”

“I know I wanted to do that, for me.”

“Do you want to tell me why you are hiding out here?”

Xavier was holding his girlfriend tightly.

“It was just so noisy in my house I needed some space to think. Sometimes I feel like my home is tiny even though I know it is not.” River whispered.

“Are you sure your telepathic powers are dormant at the moment? You used to feel like that when everyone’s mind was pushing onto you.”

River didn’t answer straight away. “I like being in your arm. Did Logan talk to you?”

“About what?”

“You know.”

Xavier blushed. “Yeah he… twice. The first time when I was together with you know Caitlin and then not long ago, he said he’d kill me if I ever hurt you or force you to anything! And I never would do that!”

“I tried to talk to him too but he just said I should wait until I am about forty, Dad was even worse he suggested I’d marry Jesus and become a nun. Remus, Raws and Ryan… don’t take me serious and Mum really tried but she kind of freaked me out.”

“I guess it helped Logan to explain it a bit better because he is an empath. You could ask my Mom?”

“I did consider it but… she just keeps telling me I am too young to think about this… but I do, I think about it, about being with you what it would feel like.”

Xavier looked at her for a while. “Riri, are you sure about this?”

“Well it is not like an avalanche, well if you are serious of not hurting me you can stop…”
Xavier wanted to say straight away yes but he realised that it was his first time too, River was by far not stupid and felt his excitement in his pants. “I rather go and have an ice cold shower than hurt you, but… won’t your dad know exactly what we do?”

“Nope, do you see all the sigils? No one can see and feel inside of here.”

Xavier nodded and kissed her carefully, he remembered that Logan said River will be more nervous so he should lead but by her lead.

“Can we sit down?” River asked her voice slightly shaking.


River took off her jumper and sneakers, she was pulling at her hair and suddenly didn’t know where to put her hands anymore.

“Calm down, this is about… your hands on me. What if we use a save-word, whenever one of us does something the other doesn’t like we say mint chocolate?”


River relaxed a little, Xavier was watching her even closer than he usually does. He saw her enjoy him kissing her, touching her.

“Mint chocolate.” River suddenly whispered. “I’m sorry.” River got up and covered herself as she stepped away from him.

“No need to be sorry. I am not trying to convince you but… that was normal what you felt.” Xavier handed River her sweater.

“Yeah I know… I just we were on like nearly third base, did you like it…?”

“Like it? Riri I always have the best time when I am with you and even when you are doing homework and don’t speak for hours because you study so hard. And today yeah of course do I want more but it’s like the wait for Christmas, it is the best part.” Xavier got up slowly and waited before she pulled her t-shirt down and then he pulled her in a hug and kissed her.

“I do dream about being with you, maybe we can stay for a while on second base?”

“Ask Mom about sex, she is actually really good in explaining and you can help you understand some of the feelings that you don’t know.”

“You mean that I am scared of? I’ll think about it.”

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