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Trials of a New Life - Part 2

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1Trials of a New Life - Part 2 Empty Trials of a New Life - Part 2 4th March 2017, 15:27

Ariel Buttercup

Ariel Buttercup

Have you read the first part of Trials of a New Life?

Co-written with Calvin

"Why don't you try your luck and see," teased Sally as she brought the car to a stop and started fumbling with her own seatbelt.

Jenny's jaw nearly dropped when Sally said to try her luck. She never done it in the car but she had an idea how it would work. With a known hand she pushed the leaver to get the driver's seat all the way back, unbuckled Sally, climbed on Sally's lap and lost her jacket and top on the way. "Hi." Jenny murmured seductively now just in her bra and jeans.

"WHOA!" cried Sally as her seat dropped back, then she looked up at Jenny and smiled.  "Hi!" she repeated back, moving her hands up onto Jenny's shoulders.  "Driving really does bring me out of my shell!"

"In that case you got to drive a lot more! A lot." Jenny leaned down and kissed Sally. Without turning around Jenny switched the electric of the car back on so that she could turn on the heating. "It's getting cold." She mumbled while she was pulling Sally's jacket of nibbling at Sally's neck. "I dare you to be on top."

"I'm sure I will once I practice more!" grinned Sally, kissing back. Then gave a small laugh as Jenny turned on the heating. "We'll need a warmer car!" For a moment she looked nervous at Jenny's suggestion, then it changed to a smile. "If it will help keep you warm!"

"As long as you are close I'm warm." Jenny pushed her hand gently under Sally's top as she snuggled close to Sally. "But I like it when you are  in charge."

Jenny kissed Sally's neck. "Hey you smell so good, what is this?"

"I know Jenny. That's why I keep it for special occasions," smiled Sally enjoying the feeling of her girlfriend's hand on her skin. She giggled. "Just my neck!"

Jenny grinned as she unbuttoned Sally's jeans. "It's more than your neck silly. You smell incredible good."

"Well... I er..." Sally blushed a little. "Did get a caramel scented body wash..."

Jenny grinned as she pulled Sally's top over her head. "I like it." She kissed Sally's neck making her way further down her hand on Sally's hip.

"You do?" Sally's eyes shone. "And there was me thinking it was such a girly thing to do when I got it!"

"Not sure if you realise but part because I like you is because you are a girl." Jenny kissed Sally along her bra hem. Jenny loved to touch Sally and leave a trace of her firey powers on Sally's skin. It wasn't burning but warm and kind of sparkly.

Sally giggled, in between sighing happily and Jenny's fingers traced their warm, tingly path. "I know Jenny, but I'm, well, not much of a girly-girl am I? I don't go into clothes and shoes and handbags and little yappy dogs."

Jenny giggled. "No maybe no little dogs but you do have pink hair."

Jenny pushed Sally's jeans down over her hip bones. "And I don't care how girly or not you are as long as you are you. Dammit you make me think again about the idea to cover you in caramel just to lick it off you again."

Jenny couldn't get enough of Sally, Jenny always felt like she was having a drug she couldn't get enough of her. "Gosh you are so soft!" Jenny moaned into Sally' neck.

"It's a dark pink!" insisted Sally. "But don't worry. I'll never stop being me," she added with a smile.

"Well you're hot in every sense of the word," she teased back, moving her hands all over Jenny.

Jenny grinned cocky. "So you just like me for my flame then?" She asked teasingly as she undid Sally's bra.

"Gosh at some point once we moved in our own house, and Hettie is in school and we are more settled I want to go away with you for like a week or two just you and me and we will not need a single piece of clothing I plan to spend the entire time naked in bed with you!"

"You're flame, your body, you're sense of fun.... for... giving me something to hold onto..." She shivered a little as her bra came off. "I think we need a little more heat," she whispered. "A whole week away? Hettie might have rebuilt the house by then," she winked. "But how about back to Egyt? That is a special place for us!"

Jenny took a deep breath and heated up the inside of the car. She kissed Sally. "You know my boobs need some holding from you."

Jenny couldn't contain her happiness to have Sally naked in a car, somehow it made it more real, sort of or somehow. Jenny just felt it was different in a car because they were not hidden away and it could all be just a lie.

"That's why Hettie needs to be in school so she is busy. I'd go anywhere with you as long it is warm. How about Mexico the flights isn't so long."

Jenny remembered what Sally liked, how to touch her to give her pleasure. As much as she wanted Sally, she had another thought in the back of her mind but for that she had to have Sally driving on the road.

Sally leaned forward and moved her hands up. "Like this?" she asked with a cheeky grin, massaging them, leaning forward to kiss Jenny at the same time.

"Okay, Mexico then. We can save Egypt for our anniversaries!" smiled Sally.

Jenny moaned while her hand was in Sally's panties expertly pleasuring her girlfriend.

"I'd go anywhere with you." Jenny murmured panting.

Sally was too lost in bliss to comprehend what Jenny was saying.

It took Jenny while to catch her breath watching Sally being lost in their passion.

"So... wanna drive some more on the road?" Jenny mumbled. She did have a plan and she knew Sally wouldn't mind but she herself thought it was a shit idea in a way.

"Roads? Oh yes, the car," smiled Sally as she came back to reality. "We better get our clothes back on first!" she winked.

"I wouldn't mind if we didn't but I guess you'd prefer to wear clothes." Jenny laughed and kissed Sally one more time before she climbed back on the passenger seat. "I have an idea where we can go so you can concentrate on driving and I do the navigating."

It took her a moment to find her bra and top in the car. Jenny looked at the window and started laughing. "The windows are a bit steamy."

"Oh, a mystery tour is it?" asked Sally with a wink as she fumbled putting her clothes on. She looked around and laughed. "Maybe just as well. Don't want to give some passing old lady a heart attack.

"Yeah a mystery." Jenny mumbled. She looked at the windows and concentrated to dry the windows without bursting them.

"I think anyone would enjoy the view." She grinned.

"You want people to watch?" asked Sally.

Jenny grinned. "Maybe. Just kidding not really but I don't freak out if someone would see us. If you are ready to drive at the exit of the parking lot go left. And remember we are driving on the right side of the street."

"Unlike me!" laughed Sally. "And don't worry. I'm not from one of those weird countries where they drive on the wrong side!"

Jenny laughed. "Yeah thank go. By the traffic light go right and then follow the road for about 1 miles, you go to go left by the school it's not much further then."

Jenny was nervously fidgeting with the zipper at her sleeve of her leather jacket.

"Okay, got it," said Sally, a little nervous as she got close to the traffic lights, not used to them. She was too focused to see Jenny's nervousness.

Jenny smiled in a way she was glad that Sally did not notice that a part of her did not want to go this way. "You drive better than you give yourself credit."

Despite Sally driving a little slower than you would they reached the school quickly. "It's right after the school and then follow the street all the way to the end, it's a dead end lane... Stop at the first house on right at the cul de sac you know the part when it becomes the round area. It's the blue house with the red door."

Sally smiled. "Thanks Jenny," she replied, moving her hand onto Jenny's leg and giving it a little squeeze.

Surprise began to cross her face at Jenny's instructions. "I get the feeling this isn't about the driving anymore."

"Sure it is... you were the one driving weren't you?" Jenny mumbled just as Sally stopped the car. She barely waited for Sally to stop before she jumped out. "I'll be right back."

"Please don't be home! Please don't be home! Please don't be home!" Jenny whispered as she approached the living room window. "Of course she had to be home." Jenny groaned as she quickly jumped out of sight from the window when she realised that Sally had parked exactly in view of Amanda's window.

"I guess s.... where are you going?" asked Sally as Jenny rushed out. Sally quickly got out and followed.

"What are you doing? Are you spying one someone?" she asked.

Jenny grabbed Sally's arm and pulled her out of the view. "I am... Well technically yes, but also no. You said I should see her... I knew I will never really drive here. I might plan to go but never end up here, but if you never knew where we'd be going you couldn't avoid arriving. This is Amanda's house as in Amanda Harris... used to be Wilson... I just got to build up the courage to ring the bell, she is home. Although I have no idea what to say."

"So... this is your mother's house?" asked Sally, looking at it. "Don't worry about what to say, I'm sure it will come to you." Sally took a hold of Jenny's arm by the wrist and started walking to the front door.

Okay Jenny did not expect Sally to be so pushy to meet Amanda. "Whoa wait! She doesn't know I am alive or... anything."

Jenny tried to stop Sally but to late they seemed to have reached the area that was covered by a motion sensor and the light went on in front of the front door. That and the car outside her house must have drawn Amanda to the front door which she now opened starring right into the face of her daughter. Jenny was felling incredible stupid and scared. Seeing Mark was so much easier she was angry but seeing Amanda... was... that's what it must feel like to jump for the first time into the deep end of the pool.

"I'm sorry this was a mistake I shouldn’t have come." Jenny said defeated pulled her hand free and turned around, she didn't even intend to go back to the car she planned to walk until her feet couldn't carry her anymore.

"Wait! If you go now it'll just be worse!" called Sally running after Jenny and catching her by the arm.

Jenny let Sally stop her. "Fine but if she is anything like I expect I am leaving!"

Jenny turned around very slowly to face Amanda who seemed a bit shell shock to see her daughter at her door. "It's a really long story but I am not dead, I'm actually alive since nearly 11 years but my memory got messed up. I don't remember my childhood to be in any way good but rather awful. I know who you are but I don't have many memories of you."

For a moment Amanda just kept staring. "Jennifer? Is that... really you?" she whispered. "It.. can't be..." Slowly, she reached out a hand to touch her daughter, as if unsure if she was really there, or if her mind was just playing tricks on her.

Jenny exhaled loudly and flinched away from Amanda's hand and fell backwards falling into the wall. "Ye-yeah it is me?" Jenny was so sure that Amanda would hit her. "It's really complicated but I got brought back from the dead... 11 years ago."

Sally went over to help Jenny up. "I'm sorry. You have to understand, her return was very.. traumatic," she said to Amanda.

"T-this is my fault," said Amanda. "If I had been there for you, supported your decision..."
Jenny looked confused at Amanda. "Your fault? I don't think this had anything to do with you supporting me or not." Jenny looked up and down the street. "Maybe we should I don't know go inside. Not sure you wanna hear how I came back from the dead standing outside your house? There was a demon deal involved and a fucked up memory. I ran in either version, and I died in either. Not sure I see how it is your fault."

"Because if I had been there for you, and your father... you... that bus wouldn't have...." Amanda was starting to choke with tears.

"Yes, we should head inside," said Sally, helping both Jenny and Amanda indoors. 'So this is what it's like to have a mother who cares' she thought to herself.

Jenny followed Sally but Amanda’s reaction confused her. That was not what she had expected.

"Yeah I ran into Dad a few months ago, sort of by accident you might have heard of the attack on the hospital I was part of it in a way. Anyway I... this is really complicated. Dirk wished me back he made a deal with a demon. I said I can't really remember you not even in a bad way, I have millions of memories of Dad, pretty bad ones though. I was scared to meet you and realise the demon didn't need to mess up my memories because you and I never got along in the first place. Dad said that wasn't the case. Can you stop starring at me like this you make me nervous."

Jenny looked away from Amanda and noticed there really weren't ay pictures of her in the living room. At least her Dad had plenty and even one he never could live long without. She loved the picture of herself on the swing pushed by him.

"And I'm pretty sure I would have run in front of that bus either way, not sure it helps you but it really feels like it had to happen. Some kind of fate. Since I'm back I got another power regeneration, so dying is a lot harder. I still hate water and can't swim. And... I don't know... did you even miss me there is not one picture or any sign that I ever excited in this house I looked!" Jenny bit her lip realising she just admitted she'd been in the house before without invitation.

Amanda seemed a little bit dubious whenever the demon was mentioned, but maybe that was just the shock of the story.

"I'm sorry you weren't able to remember me, or..... your Father properly," she said, her voice faltering for a moment. "And, I didn't mean to stare, just, having you back, suddenly, alive...."

She shook her head. "I never believed in fate. It makes everything feel so... pointless." She looked up suddenly. "Of course I missed you Jennifer. A day doesn't go by when I don't think of you. And the pictures aren't here, they..." She paused. "You've come here before?"

"Maybe? I wanted to know what to expect when I met you, so I possibly... broke into your house... I'm not proud of it. I know I shouldn't have but..." Jenny looked ashamed on the floor. "I'm sorry."

"You broke in?" asked Amanda shocked. "I thought you just meant you had tried to see me before but became.... Was it really so hard you had to brake in?"

"Er..." Jenny blushed. "No... Yes. It is very confusing. I'm sorry Amanda."

Jenny looked around the room. "Oh this is Sally, my... girlfriend." Jenny smiled gentle at Sally taking her hand. "We also have a daughter. She is with Dad, who actually had no idea I'm here. He thinks I'm teaching Sally to drive. Which I am with a stop here. So, me dying broke up your marriage... sorry for that."

Amanda was silent for a moment, trying to take in the sudden tirade of information.

"I'm sorry this all got dumped on you like this. Jenny's mouth does tend to run away with her when she gets nervous," apologised Sally.

"It... It's alright..." said Amanda eventually. "What matters is that you're alive Jennifer. But... your father... already knows?"

"Yeah he does. I ran into him a few months ago and sort of ended up living with him. And I am sorry that I talk too much." Jenny smiled shy at Amanda. "So er tell me about you? Thirteen years is a long time did you remarry?"

"And he never told me?" asked Amanda to herself quietly. She looked hard at Jenny when she asked about the thirteen years, as if weighing something up.

Jenny suddenly went pale. She knew her parents would move on from her death by there was one option she hadn't thought of. "Fuck! Now it makes sense you wanted to forget me because you have a new family."

Jenny got up and tried to pull Sally out with her. "I guess we go then. Just you know forget the last thirty minutes happened."

She could handle her parents moving on but not having a new family that was to much.

"No, wait, don't go!" called Amanda. Sally held Jenny's arm and planted her feet as much as she could. "You can't keep running away from you problems," she whispered.

"I never wanted to forget you," Amanda said. "I still have your pictures."

Jenny grinned briefly at Sally, her handgrip changed from gripping to playful. "You are getting quite wise, pretty girl."

She looked up at Amanda. "You don't look like it. I understand that your new family doesn't want me around. It's not so important if you have pictures of me or not, I..." Jenny took a deep breath. "Dad said you were there, you did a lot for me and... I can't remember you and I thought that well it can just be better than what I remember. It feels like you don't want me here, as if you don't want me here. I guess I don't know should have called first and not just show up at your door step. Not because I want to run away-" Jenny looked at Sally for a second. "-but because it is a lot to just find out your daughter is back from the dead."

Sally smiled a little. "Great, I spend one week as a hero and I'm suddenly Yoda," she joked in a whisper.

"I d want you in my life," said Amanda, pulling Jenny into a sudden hug. "And I want to be a part of your life again. Your family." She took a deep breath. "I never remarried. I don’t have a new family but... you do Jenny. So does your father.... I never told him..."

Jenny gasped surprised when Amanda pulled her in a hug.

"I don't understand. Dad didn't remarry he was alone most of the time how can we have a new family?"

"Because... he didn't know but... there was... another child on the way. I didn't know until after..." Amanda's voice gave way and she broke down into tears.

Jenny starred at Amanda for a long time, she didn't know what to make of this. "Another... child? As in you and Dad... you have...  wait! I have like... I'm not an only child?"

Despite Amanda being in tears Jenny stepped as far as she could away before she broke down on the arm chair. "So he did get the son he always wanted! He is finally able to replace me. You should have told Dad he'd be over the moon... why haven't you and where that dream boy of yours anyway?" It was no other option that Amanda had been hiding this wonder son in Jenny's eyes. Mostly because in her version of memories Mark always wanted a son.

"What do you mean replace you?" asked Amanda through her tears. "Mark doted on you. You were always his precious little girl. He wouldn't have wanted rid of you!"

Jenny looked up at Amanda. "Yeah so everyone says and I still remember it differently. So it is a boy then? Where is he?"

Only Amanda's tears stopped Jenny from finally walking out on her. She expected that her mother had a new family and with that half siblings for Jenny but a full real sibling... that was a lot to take in and in a way she thought it was unfair that Amanda was crying, she didn't have any right to cry. It was Jenny's turn to cry and break down and be hurt for having a sibling since years and she didn't know, but funny enough Jenny was not just angry that she had a sibling but she was also angry that if she had come back to Amanda she would have seen her little sibling grow up. "This is not fair."

"He... is a boy, yes, but he's off at school right now... boarding school," said Amanda. She pulled Jenny into another, comforting hug. "No, it's not fair. But maybe we can try and set that right now."

Jenny felt uncomfortable being hugged by Amanda, well it just felt very foreign. She loved being hugged by Sally for so many other reasons and she felt incredible safe when her Dad or Dirk hugged but Amanda it felt odd, Jenny was rather stiff and didn't hug her back.

"Great a brother... why is he in boarding school? I didn't go to boarding school, did I?" Jenny asked forgetting that Amanda didn't know that she asked questions like that about her past. "What's his name?"

She had an incredible hard time to accept that she had a brother.

Amanda was a little surprised at Jenny's question, then she recalled what she had mentioned about her memories.

"No, you didn't go to boarding school. Oliver, that's his name, he goes because.... he reminds me so much of your father."

"Oliver... like Oliver Twist. Wait he reminds you too much of Dad. And that is a bad thing? Will you tell him about me?"

Jenny felt for her phone in her jeans pocket, wondering if her Dad was thinking of her.

"Did I mention that you are a grandmother? I have a little daughter, with Sally." In a way Jenny wanted to know what her mother thought about her being gay.

"It... It brings back memories Jennifer. And... do you want me to tell him?" Amanda asked. She nodded a little. "You.. did say, there was a lot to take in... I didn't think you were... there was that nice boy you liked. But your daughter.. what... what is she like?"

Jenny stared at Amanda for a long time wondering if she wanted her brother -still kind of awful to know she had a brother- to know that and was alive. He was a kid nearly the same age she died... "Not at the moment or rather tell him of you want to but I don't want to meet him. I... It's to weird."

A big smile appeared on her face when Amanda asked about Hettie. "Yeah the boy, Dirk is my best friend and I guess we could have been more but I died, he brought me back by making a deal with a demon, but my memories got screwed up so I didn't go look for him, he found another girl, married had a whole bunch of kids himself and his wife kind of went all crazy. Anyway we are back to best friends. Hettie that's our daughter is amazing. Super smart, she is three and she looks a lot like me but with Sally's eyes. She has fire powers but Dad said not as or of control like mine and what else she loves to learn she is begging is to go to this super smart school. She is amazing. I have photos on my phone but not sure how to find those. Oh you know what Herbert is still alive, I guess the bar boys that I made him up so they never changed that memory."

"It's alright, I understand. It will be strange for him too," nodded Amanda. She braced herself as another rush or words came from Jenny, meanwhile Sally was getting out her own phone and showed it to Amanda.

"That's her," she said with a smile. Amanda gasped.

"She looks so much like you Jennifer!"

Jenny grinned proud. "Yeah but she has Sally's pretty blue eyes. Not my freaky ones."

She was quiet for a while just watching her mother look through some of the pictures of Hettie.

"Sally and I are buying a house."

Amanda looked up. "You two have been busy. There's so much of your life I need to catch up with. You do... want me back in your life, don't you?" she asked a little nervously.

Jenny looked at her mother. "Yes. Just er... I might not look it but I am not thirteen anymore. I've grown up without you and that is okay. You need to stop feeling guilty for my death because I am not dead anymore, my life since I came back was... not easy but it made me never give up. You need to stop this staring that you do whenever you look at me. Eventually I want to meet Oliver. And just so you know I don't want you to talk badly about Dad, he actually speaks very highly of you. He was the one urging me to meet you, well him and Sally."

"I.. I know there is a lot for me to do. I just.... need some time to take it all in. Less than an hour ago I thought you were still dead," Amanda admitted. She looked over to Sally. "Take good care of my daughter."

Sally nodded. "I will."

Jenny chuckled. "I don't need to be taken care of, I'm a big girl. I guess we should go, Sally has to practice her driving. You not gonna call Dad and yell at him for not telling you that I was back?"

Jenny got up and got her own phone out of her jeans pocket. "Sally, I think we got to practice how to go through a drive thru, I'm starving!"

"I...." Amanda look made it clear she had been planning to do just that. "I do need to talk with your father."

Sally gulped. "I'm.. not sure I'm ready...."

"I could.. make you something if you wanted?" offered Amanda.

"Right, talk." Jenny looked at Amanda. "That is kind but I already just showed up and I bet you have plans. I..." Jenny went quiet for a moment she wasn't sure how to say what she was thinking. "Honestly I'd prefer to go and come back another time or meet you somewhere, but being in your house just makes me feel I don't belong here. It is all so pretty and I don't know, it looks kind of posh. Did our house ever look like this, I don't remember much of the furniture and decoration. I'm scared I break anything in your house."

Jenny wasn't scared of Amanda or angry for not knowing that she had a brother but to have spoken to her, seen her, found out about Oliver. It was a lot to take in, and even though it was just as hard and confusing for Amanda whenever Jenny tried to fix her memories or replace them with the real ones she got headaches... mind-blowing, confusing headaches. "You gonna tell Dad about Oliver right? I mean when you talk to him, which is another reason why I guess we should go to take Hettie off his hands so he isn't occupied to watch her."

"Maybe... yes, arranging a proper time to meet, giving us both time to prepare," Amanda nodded. She listened to Jenny's questions, then gave another small nod, as if deciding something.

"Follow me," she said, heading out into the corridor. "I.. don’t know what to tell you father yet about Oliver. I guess... I'll need to see how things go." She reached a small room and pulled out a small key from around her neck. "You do belong here," she said, opening the door. Inside it was still like Jenny's old room, only with pictures of her all around.

Jenny didn't dare to go inside she was a bit awestruck. "This... This i-is my room?! But I don't understand why. You had this all this time? But you don't like me. You hated that I have powers that are so uncontrollable."

For the first time since she walked into her mother's house did she look at Amanda like she might have before the accident. Like a child looked at its mom because it needed help to understand something.

Amanda stared at Jenny surprised for a moment, the hugged her comfortingly, like you would a young child. "I never hated you Jenny. You're my daughter, I loved you. I won’t lie and say it wasn't difficult at times, but I never resented you for it."

Sally looked away, there were tears streaming down her face.

Jenny felt kind of comfortable in her mother's embrace but also odd, but when she saw Sally cry it changed.

"Okay, er I understand but I think I do wanna go now." Jenny looked at Amanda and then at Sally hoping her mother got the hint. "It's a lot to take in and I got to think about it, you should tell Dad about Oliver, I... I don't like lying to him and well I kind of suck in keeping things from him. I broke down within an hour and went from telling him, I'm gay to I'm in love with a girl that done some bad choices." Jenny smiled at Sally. "Which I saw totally past I've done some things I'm not proud of. Anyway I'll come back I do have more questions about my past, though I have to be a bit careful when I try too hard to get back my real memories I get post human headaches and sometimes I still lose control of my powers. So I call you okay?"

Jenny took Sally's hand and smiled encouraging at her girlfriend.

Amanda glanced between the two girls and nodded. She didn't understand why Sally was upset, but did know what Jenny was meaning.

"Alright Jenny, it okay. And I... I will call you Father soon, don't worry," she replied, letting Jenny go. "Oh, but..." she quickly took out her phone. "Can I have your number?"

Sally glanced up at Jenny, and smiled weakly through the tears.

"My number?..." Jenny went silent and tried to find her number somewhere in here phone. "Oh screw that. Hey Baby can you tell me my phone number."

'I can certainly do that, here is your number on the screen.' Jenny grinned and turned her phone around to show her mother her number. "I told you I am bad with technology Hettie made this I don't know computer voice thinking thing. That's why I got a smart girlfriend." Jenny grinned at Sally and held out the car key. "Will you drive or shall I?"

"That's.. really smart of her," said Amanda a little surprised. "I can't wait to meet her."

Sally shook her head a little and pushed the keys away from her gently. She didn't trust herself to speak.

Jenny smiled at Amanda when she left the house while holding Sally's hand.

"See you soon Amanda."

Jenny waited until they were in the car before she spoke again. "I'm sorry I should not have taken you along, I should have know it will make you sad. Are you okay? Anything I can do to cheer you up? How freaky is the world I got a teenage brother?"
Amanda watched the two girls go and waved after them.

"I... I'll be okay," said Sally quietly, though she didn't sound entirely truthful. "I just... I'm feeling kinda jealous of you right now," she admitted. "And... having a brother out of no where... that must be so weird!"

"I'm sorry. You know in a way did you just meet your mother-in-law."

Jenny started the car and drove for a while not paying attention where she went. "I don't wanna have a brother. I know it's not hours fault but... You can have him. I'm pretty sure I never wanted a brother. One freak with our of control powers is enough in the family. I don't want him... Dad will love the idea he finally got the son he always wanted. No need to be jealous in a minute I'll lose my Dad and then Amanda with him and they become this perfect step-ford family..."

Jenny stopped the car rather suddenly. They were right next to the Hudson under Brooklyn Bridge. Jenny got out and walked to the banister. "I always wondered if drowning hurts as much as being hit by a bus..."

"I... never thought of it like that," said Sally. Her head snapped up at the sudden hocking of a car Jenny narrowly missed. "Jenny... what...?" Her mouth dropped open as she hear Jenny speak. She tried to scramble out of the car after Jenny, and heard he talk about drowning.

"Jenny...." she began as she came over. "I'm sorry but..." She punched Jenny hard in the face. "Now SHUT UP and listen to me. Your parents are not gonna leave you. I know what a dysfunctional family that doesn't want you is like, and your parents are the exact opposite of that. And, what, you're gonna drown yourself just because of that. And leave me and Hettie behind? HOW MUCH OF A SELFISH BITCH ARE YOU?"

Jenny blinked a few times a little confused, licked her bloody lip and looked at Sally. "I... sorry. I didn't mean I'm jumping into the Hudson... It... just calms me down to be here." She smiled a little shy at Sally. "This is my thinking spot. Come here."

Jenny took her girlfriends hand and pulled her to the banister into her arms. "Don't get me wrong fire is the most amazing thing and I love to play with it. But to stand here and watch the ships slowly glider over the deep dark water of the Hudson. I didn't mean I am going to drown myself right this second." Jenny kissed her girlfriend on the cheek. "I'm not going to leave you, I told you that already back in the cave in Egypt. But... having a brother... it hurts more to find out I got a brother than it would have if Amanda realy did hate me. Dad always said he wanted a son, he hated me being a daughter and that might not be true but for me it is. I'm not sure how to deal with a little brother, I don't know how to be a daughter nevertheless a big sister." Jenny whispered.
Sally looked incredibly sheepish when Jenny admitted she wasn't planning suicide. " I didn't..uh.." her words trailed off as Jenny led her to the banister. "I'm sorry. I just got so scared," she admitted.

Sally looked around admiring the view, then smiled at Jenny. "You are a proper superhero. You’ve got your own brooding spot!" she joked, then adopted a more serious tone. "You've adapted well to being a girlfriend, and a mother. I think you'll handle 'big sister' just fine. Besides, you're Dad is clearly the.... what's the Dad version of 'Daddy's Little Girl'?" she wondered.

"That makes us even both of us thought the other one wants to kill herself."

Jenny kissed Sally again, holding her tightly. "I'm not a superhero. Just someone that likes to help others... What if he only is because he didn't meet his son?"

Jenny was quiet for a while just looked past Sally on the Hudson. "Oliver is the age I died... I know Amanda said she will tell Dear but how do I keep this from him? You saw me with Amanda I really can't keep secrets. I'll explode like a volcano."

Sally gave a weak smile. "I guess so." She kissed back, holding Jenny equally tightly. "Isn't that the same thing?" she asked. "And I don't think so. You're letting those fake memories worry you too much." She thought for a minute. "We could spend the night in our new house?"

"If I'm a superhero that makes you what my groupie." Jenny grinned cheeky.

"I am not sure she will tell him tonight. Oh I know. You tell him he needs to call Amanda. That way I don't need top say anything about the afternoon?"

"Ewww, no I don't wanna be a groupie! That makes me sound like some rabid fangirl!" said Sally. Then she winces. "But the alternative is 'sidekick' isn't it...? That's worse!" She laughed a little, then turned to Jenny. "Nice plan, but he is going to ask WHY you want him to talk to Amanda!"

"Mh my own personal rabid girlfriend." Jenny giggled and kissed Sally. "Yeah I know he will ask... but I don't know how not to tell him. Maybe I send him a text message? Like 'Hey Dad, I went to see Amanda. She said she would call you but I can't come home until you talked.' Would that work?"

"I should have know you'd like me rabid!" teased Sally. "And... it will make him worry texting like that, but it could work!"

Jenny grinned cheeky, she really did like her girlfriend rabid. "I guess. Hey Baby could you sent my Dad a text that I saw Amanda and he should call her right away, she has to tell him something."

Jenny liked that she didn't need to take out her phone and still would send a text message. "Actually we should go home and pick up Hettie we could go out for food, I bet she is starving too."

"You know what you need for that, a fast run in the car," winked Sally.

"Of course Jennifer," came Baby's voice, causing Sally to jump a little.

"I bet your dad has filled her full of ice cream!" Sally replied.

Jenny kissed Sally sweet before she had to giggle when Sally jumped. "Not used to the voice in my pocket yet?"

She took Sally's hand and walked back to the car. "I bet he did, I wonder if she likes ice cream. I find I a bit too cold. But I like it once it's melted."

Jenny looked past the car and her eyes fell on a young woman maybe her age, she was pretty a brunette with brown eyes despite being in the arm of a tall dark blonde sexy dude Jenny only looked at the girl. Jenny was holding Sally close around her waist and still she couldn't stop looking at the girl across the road.

"No. It's a little distracting," said Sally. "I think she does. She's not quite as.... fiery as you.... Jenny? Jenny are you listening to me?" Sally scowled a little seeing where Jenny was looking.

Jenny grinned sheeply and nodded. "Yes I am come on lets get our little monster maybe she can build you a Baby as well."

She opened the door politely for Sally and through one last look at the girl across the road, funny how she never noticed before how pretty girls were to look at.

"I got to get you home though you have a job to do, I wanna see what's in my head. Let’s hope more than just air."

Sally had a dark look on her face. Jenny shouldn't be looking at other girls, Jenny should have eyes only for her. Her jealousy grew stronger as she saw Jenny take another glance.

"Given you're almost drooling staring at that bitch, maybe it is just air," she shoot at Jenny nastily. Then immediately regretted it.

Jenny's head spun around. "I did what? I just looked and noticed that I always thought i have to look at the guy and realise how I never really liked what I saw. I..."

Jenny sighed deeply. She nudged Sally's side and whispered gentle. "Hey. I love you. I just looked okay? I'm taking you home and you alone. And there is no one else I want to take home. I'm not leaving you, you got to believe me."

"I'm sorry Jenny," said Sally, though she was looking away. "I just want you all to myself, I don't want to share you. I almost want to find some lonely tower and lock you up there so you will alone with me," she confessed.

Jenny giggled. "I can fly how you gonna make me stay in the tower?"

Jenny’s traced Sally's arm up to her shoulder before she gently pulled at her hair. "I am yours!"

When she stopped at a red light she undid her seatbelt to proper kiss her girlfriend. "It is kind of cute how possessive you are just try not to smother me."

"Maybe a tether," joked Sally, starting to calm and smile again, enjoying the feeling of Jenny's hand in her hair. She gave a little start of surprise as Jenny kissed her, not expecting it. "I never thought me being possessive would be cute," she admitted.

"I don't think I'm into that kind of thing." Jenny laughed. The light turned green and Jenny had to look at the road again. "Well not really cute but kind of. Makes me feel special. You don't really thing I just have air in my head, do you?"

"I'm not in a rush to try it!" laughed Sally. "But you are special Jenny. And no I don't. That was just a moment of frustration."

Jenny pulled up outside her father's house. "Fighting some kind of crime is easier than facing Dad after finding out I have a brother. You got to I don't know kick me if I say too much. I still think he will be glad after the shock, having the son he always wanted..."

Jenny sighed. "See just what I mean stop me if I say anything stupid."

"Maybe I should ask Baby to give you a little electric shock every time you say something silly," smiled Sally as she got out.
"Hey! That is mean. She can't do that can she?" Jenny shouted laughing as pulled Sally a bit closer.

"Not at present Jennifer," came Baby's voice.  "But I'm sure Miss Hettie would perform the necessary upgrade."

“No thank you Baby, I do not need you to electroshock me. Also Baby you can’t say anything to Dad about Oliver. It still freaks me out to know I got a little brother. Oh Baby can you found information about him? Anything there is. But quietly.”

The two girls walked in the house. “Dad! Hettie are you here? We are back and Sally did not crash the car.”

Jenny was trying so hard to act normal; the air around her seemed to be on fire just without flames. “Not sure I can do this Sally.” She whispered.

"Of course. I shall find out as much as I can," replied Baby. "But I do not understand why another member for your family would be a cause for concern."

"It's okay Jenny, you can do it," said Sally, taking Jenny's hand and giving it a comforting squeeze, though she winced with all the heat.

"MWAMA! MWOMMY! YOU'WE BWACK!" came Hettie’s voice as she thundered down the stairs and hugged both her parents. "Oooh! You'we aww hwot Mwama!"

Jenny giggled nervous. "Yeah that is kind of my trademark, being hot you know Kiddo. Where is Dad, did he get my text?" Even though she noticed Sally wince when she took her hand she had no idea how to calm down, how should wouldn't blab out that she had a brother?

Hettie giggled too. "I wike it wen yeou gwo aww hwot!," said said innocently. "An' gwampa's pwting the iwce cweam away. Hwe swaid hwe was..... 'hwiding thwe ewva-dwence'?"

"It's alright. Just stay strong," whispered Sally.

The three reached the kitchen and all Jenny wanted to do was run right back out.

"Hey Dad." Jenny's voice was trembling, it was physical work for her not to burst into flames. "Did you get my text? I... I stopped by Amanda... She wasn't bad. You should call her."

Mark tensed a little, not turning round. "I... I did get it Jenny... I.. knew you wanted to see her despite how worried you were... I just didn't expect it so suddenly. But I'm not sure I can talk to her, even now..."

Jenny was so glad that Mark did not turn around. She took a deep breath. "I thought if I do it like I do ripping off a band-aid quickly it hurts less. I get that you don't really want t cal her but... you have to or I might explode. She has to tell you something, I don't think you should hear that from me. I can tell you that she is not married. Gosh maybe I should consider getting my phone to give me electric shocks. Dad I am begging you call her she has to tell you something and of you don't call her I... well you know me and secrets we don't go together."

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"She has something important to tell me... Something you can't say, but she's not remarried?" Mark's voice was filled with worry.

Sally glanced over at Jenny, then covered her girlfriend's mouth with her hand.

3Trials of a New Life - Part 2 Empty Re: Trials of a New Life - Part 2 8th March 2017, 12:12

Ariel Buttercup

Ariel Buttercup

Jenny bit her lip under Sally's hand and shook her head. Jenny looked for a long time at Hettie and then at her dad again. "No not married. It... you will like what she has to tell you. At least in my memories you always wanted that." Jenny said through Sally's hand.

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"Alright, we better go now," said Sally, practically dragging Jenny out, to Mark utter confusion and bewilderment.

"Awwwww, I dwon wanna ywou two gwo!" complained Hettie with a pouty look on her face.

5Trials of a New Life - Part 2 Empty Re: Trials of a New Life - Part 2 12th March 2017, 19:40

Ariel Buttercup

Ariel Buttercup

Jenny picked up Hettie and together the three went into her room. "This was bad wasn't it?"

Jenny collapsed on her bed. "I told you I don't know how to keep secrets." She took out her phone and texted Amanda. 'You got to tell Dad about Oliver! It is killing me not to tell him. It makes me hide from him. Jennifer'

"Hey Hettie do you wanna go and see the house? Maybe we could stop by the school so we can have a look at it too?"

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"It could have been a LOT worse," said Sally as she slumped on the bed next to Jenny.

"YWEAH! I WANNA SWEE THEW HWOUSE AN' THWE SCHWOOW! PWEASE!" cried Hettie jumping up and down.

Sally smiled at Hettie then turned to look at Jenny. She started laughing almost hysterically.

7Trials of a New Life - Part 2 Empty Re: Trials of a New Life - Part 2 12th March 2017, 22:23

Ariel Buttercup

Ariel Buttercup

Jenny forgot her worries of blabbering out Amanda's secret when Sally started laughing. "I don't think I get what's so funny. Do I have anything in my face?" She tried to get up to see herself in the mirror but the bouncing Hettie made it hard to move on the bed at all.

8Trials of a New Life - Part 2 Empty Re: Trials of a New Life - Part 2 12th March 2017, 22:32



"What's so funny?" asked Sally as she managed to calm a little. "Just... looks at where we are now. Compare that to just a few days ago..." Sally took a shuddering breath, now looking close to tears. "W-what if we h-hadden't just happened to meet. We... we..." She looked tearfully at Hettie.

9Trials of a New Life - Part 2 Empty Re: Trials of a New Life - Part 2 12th March 2017, 22:54

Ariel Buttercup

Ariel Buttercup

Jenny kissed Sally. "But we did. Don't worry so much. Come here. And we didn't just meet. I thought you are up to no good and followed you. To make sure you didn't cause any trouble." Jenny grinned at her girlfriend.

10Trials of a New Life - Part 2 Empty Re: Trials of a New Life - Part 2 12th March 2017, 23:17



"And are you still going to make sure I don;t cause trouble?" asked Sally, grinning after the kiss.

"Mwommy cwased twouble? Mwommy was bwad?" asked Hettie, sounding shocked and a little upset at the idea.

11Trials of a New Life - Part 2 Empty Re: Trials of a New Life - Part 2 13th March 2017, 07:05

Ariel Buttercup

Ariel Buttercup

Jenny grinned cheeky. "Always."

Jenny looked at Hettie a little bit confused. "Mommy wasn't bad. She may had the wrong friends and a mind that never stopped."

'You have a son with Amanda. ' It didn't take long to write and send this text to Mark. Jenny knew this meant trouble and she shouldn't do it, it wasn't her secret to tell but in her head that was the only way or she would be hiding from Mark forever.

12Trials of a New Life - Part 2 Empty Re: Trials of a New Life - Part 2 13th March 2017, 20:16



Sally was about to reply before Hettie interrupted, causing he to slump a little.

"Wwy wewe Mwommy's fwiends wwong?" the little girl asked. "Cwouwdn' Mwommy teww?"

Before Sally could respond, the whole garage seemed to shake from a loud, shocked 'WHAT?!' echoing through it.

13Trials of a New Life - Part 2 Empty Re: Trials of a New Life - Part 2 13th March 2017, 20:53

Ariel Buttercup

Ariel Buttercup

"Hettie I gonna give you a very important piece of advice now. Never ever tell me a secret. I am... I can't keep them and when I try I feel like I gonna explode. And Mommy... thought that's all the friends she could have? But now she has us. I wish we had an invible cloak or something to sneak out of the house." Jenny felt guilty for telling her Dad about Oliver but a part of her justified it; Amanda had years to tell Mark and she never did, what would really change because Amanda found out her daughter wasn't dead? Jenny got up and went to her Dad.

"She was supposed to tell you. I told her she needs to tell you before I get home. You weren't supposed to find out this way. I... I just think you had the right to know. Apparently he is in a boarding school. His name is Oliver." Jenny said carefully, despite having heard that her father always have loved her so much she still worried that having a son would change that; despite thinking Mark should know she was still scared to lose her Dad.

14Trials of a New Life - Part 2 Empty Re: Trials of a New Life - Part 2 14th March 2017, 01:02



"Swo if I hwave a swecwet I shwouwd teww Mwommy an' nwot ywou Mwama?" Hettie asked. She looked to Sally. "You'we gwot bwettah fwiends now?" Sally hesitated, not sure what to say as Jenny left to see her Dad.

Mark was slumped in a chair in the kitchen, in slight shock. "You... really need to learn how to break things to people," he said slowly, then pulled Jenny into a tight hug. "But... no wonder you couldn't keep this to yourself."

15Trials of a New Life - Part 2 Empty Re: Trials of a New Life - Part 2 14th March 2017, 13:38

Ariel Buttercup

Ariel Buttercup

"How the heck am I supposed to keep this from you? Amanda should have told you. A long time ago." Jenny was glad Mark didn't feel like replacing her with the new son. "I think he is normal."
Jenny said it purposely like this to see if Mark preferred a son without powers.

16Trials of a New Life - Part 2 Empty Re: Trials of a New Life - Part 2 14th March 2017, 19:35



"I know, it's not fair asking you to keep something like that quiet," said Mark, smiling and giving Jenny's head a pat like she was a little girl. "Normal, powered, or covered in purple spots, what difference should that make," he added with a shrug.

17Trials of a New Life - Part 2 Empty Re: Trials of a New Life - Part 2 14th March 2017, 19:51

Ariel Buttercup

Ariel Buttercup

Jenny giggled. "I think purple spots would be an interesting look. I guess you want to meet him? Apparently he reminds Amanda too much of you and that's why he is at a boarding school. AM I a bad person because I like that Oliver has no powers? I like that I do have powers. It make me feel special." Jenny smiled insecure. "He obviously thinks I am dead the poor boy will have a shock finding out I am not. He is nearly the same age I was when I died..."

18Trials of a New Life - Part 2 Empty Re: Trials of a New Life - Part 2 14th March 2017, 21:43



Mark looked hard at Jenny for a few moments, then hugged her tightly again. "Of course you;re not a bad person. It's no wonder you feel so mixed up about this. I think anyone would. But you're staying strong Jenny."

19Trials of a New Life - Part 2 Empty Re: Trials of a New Life - Part 2 14th March 2017, 22:19

Ariel Buttercup

Ariel Buttercup

"I just don't like sharing. I guess somehow deep down I am a spoilt only child." Jenny kissed Mark on the cheek. "So you gonna call Amanda? Meet your son?"

20Trials of a New Life - Part 2 Empty Re: Trials of a New Life - Part 2 15th March 2017, 19:42



"It's going to be hard to adjust for you, I know," said Mark. "But I'm sure me and you... your family... will help you though it." He looked back to his phone. "I guess.... I'll have to"

21Trials of a New Life - Part 2 Empty Re: Trials of a New Life - Part 2 15th March 2017, 19:58

Ariel Buttercup

Ariel Buttercup

Jenny grinned. "Let's face it I don't shout big sister do I. Anyway I let you call Amanda, I promised Hettie to show her the new house and we might stop by the school for gifted children. I think she will be so happy once she goes to school. And you don't need your daughter to eavesdrop on your first conversation with your ex-wife in how many years?"

22Trials of a New Life - Part 2 Empty Re: Trials of a New Life - Part 2 20th March 2017, 20:23



Mark smiled. "You might not shout Big Sister, but in a short time I've seen how much of a caring mother you've become. It... it makes me really proud to see Jenny. So I'm sure you could handle being a big sister as well." He looked gingerly over to where his phone was. "I guess I can;t put it off now. But you should try to get Hettie into a school as soon as possible. That girl... needs stimulation."

23Trials of a New Life - Part 2 Empty Re: Trials of a New Life - Part 2 21st March 2017, 19:35

Ariel Buttercup

Ariel Buttercup

Jenny grinned embarassed, kissed Mark on the cheek. "Just don't forget about me." She said sounding nearly like a little girl again.
She went back into her bedroom to get Hettie and Sally. "So girls are you ready to see the new house and your school. Dad is going to call Amanda, not someting I want to be around."

24Trials of a New Life - Part 2 Empty Re: Trials of a New Life - Part 2 27th March 2017, 19:46



"Never," promised Mark, giving a small wave to Jenny as she left.

"Oh ywes ywes ywes ywes ywes ywes!" replied Hettie excitedly, bouncing up and down on the bed.

25Trials of a New Life - Part 2 Empty Re: Trials of a New Life - Part 2 30th March 2017, 18:39

Ariel Buttercup

Ariel Buttercup

The school was a large rectagular building. It had loads of windows and large grounds around them. It was a busy place but sort of orderly well in its own way. A woman in her late thirties greeted them at the car park.

"It is wonderful to meet you, I am Mrs Ella the headmistress of The Academy for Gifted Youngsters. It is a pleasure to meet you Hettie." Mrs Ella smiled warmy at Hettie as she offered the little girl her hand before she looked up at Sally and Jenny. "And you must be her mothers. We are honoured to show you around and hope that the academy is the kind of school you were hoping to find for Hettie."

Jenny was a bit awe struck. She wasn't sure it she should be here at all. She was so sure that Hettie will be embarrassed to have her as a mother. What did Jenny know about good schools?

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