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VM Plot Discussions

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1VM Plot Discussions Empty VM Plot Discussions 10th January 2013, 06:56



Some plot points:

Still in the works. Feel free to add to or edit.

  • Caerleon and Annis visit: stuff with Galehaut comes to a head, also Gwaine wishes he was not a knight so he could kill Caerleon.
  • Some Freya stuff: meeting Gwaine?
  • The castle is cursed, begins to crumble: prophecy or something requires the blood of Emrys in a pool beneath the castle.
  • Evacuate! Leon feels with Elaine.
  • Leon tells Arthur about Merlin
  • Before Arthur can process, Morgana attacks!
  • Our heroes escape Camelot in the attack, but not before Gwaine is killed because of Leon's immortality, and Arthur sees Merlin sacrifice himself to save Camelot (and then get crushed under some rubble so he's unconscious when Morgana gets him).
  • Morgana takes over.
  • Merlin, Gwaine and Galehaut are in the dungeons.
  • Arthur plans to retake Camelot.
  • Morgana is torturing Merlin, keeps him in magic-nullifying manacles or something
  • Morgana releases Gwaine, telling him "If Arthur retakes the castle, Merlin dies." Also she makes him fight his way out ("Got to make it look real").
  • Leon thinks Gwaine's return is mighty convenient: maybe this is a trap, he's mind controlled, magic involved?
  • Gwaine betrays Arthur somehow, but Leon's waiting for it and saves them
  • They rescue Merlin, releasing him.
  • Merlin can then defeat Morgana with the help of Freya.
  • Merlin tells Arthur all.
  • Gwaine not executed for treason, not even banished, but he's kicked out of the knights, which is where he wanted to be in the first place!

2VM Plot Discussions Empty Re: VM Plot Discussions 23rd May 2013, 01:45


1. Morgana does some weather magic and causes the area around Camelot to flood. Much of the flooding drains into the cavern system below Camelot, which is bad because…
2. Camelot starts falling down!
3. There is a prophecy that leads Merlin to believe that this can be stopped if he casts a spell that mixes his blood with the stones of the castle (Jury is still out on the origin of this prophecy…)
4. As the castle starts crumbling, Morgana attacks with an army!
5. Leon tells Arthur about Merlin’s magic (tattletale!)
6. Arthur gets SUPER PISSED and banishes Merlin!
7. But before Merlin can leave…
8. During the last assault on the castle, while people are headin’ for the hills because Morgana is storming the castle, Merlin (and Galehaut?) are taken captive (and so is Gwaine who is playing dead).
9. Also during the escape, Gwarae does something stupid and Percival comes to the rescue.
10. And somewhere in all that mess Leon is being angsty about immortality and about Elaine?
12. But in Camelot, Morgana chucks everyone in the dungeons except Gwaine…
13. …who she brings back to life and THEN throws in the dungeons.
14. Morgana decides that killing Merlin would be silly when she can use him to lure Arthur back to the castle
15. But then she is informed that Arthur won’t be coming back for Merlin because Arthur is pissed off.
16. So Morgana thinks she might just kill Merlin and get Emrys out of her life for good, but…
17. Gwaine will do /anything/ to keep Merlin safe, including luring Arthur back to Camelot.
18. Morgana lets Gwaine go, but keeps Merlin as leverage
19. “So then Merlin!whump happens…”—Megan
20. Gwaine goes and finds everyone and leads them back to Camelot (he says he escaped somehow)

VM Plot Discussions Caitydid

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So we need the troops to be gatherng and plotting. Percy is probably in some trouble for the Gwarae recusing against orders and dealing with a now hero-worshipping female, junior gwaine...which will be fun for him.

But they need a 'how to get back in the castle and save the day again' plan. Do they have a sekret way back in? I guess there is much angsting over the people who didn't get out? Arthur gets to be in charge? Maybe Percy gets to be surprisingly clever? (I always like it when Percy gets to be cleverer than people expect...)

Lance will also be somewhat over-keen to get back in the castle due to Galehaut being in there, so might be being a bit 'Lets attack now - who needs a plan anyway? Plans are for wimps...'

Just some random thoughts for 'outside the castle' Smile

4VM Plot Discussions Empty Re: VM Plot Discussions 9th July 2013, 23:47



1. Morgana and Kay sexytimes?
+ Also Morgana casts magic weather control spell that makes it rain
2. Party with Annis
+ Arthur needs somewhere to evacuate his people since Camelot is crumbling
+ foreshadow Gwaine killing Caerleon (ie glad he's not here)
3. Galehaut drama
4. Camelot civilians leave with Annis
5. Percival finds prophecy in a magic picture book
6. Kay tells Morgana prophecy
7. Leon tells Arthur about Merlin
+ ensuing shitstorm
8. Morgana attacks

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